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I don’t use the word idiot lightly, except perhaps when I’m using it directed towards myself.

That said, this woman is being an idiot.

The woman in question, Heidi Yeman,  has decided to conduct a month long experiment in which she will open carry a firearm on her hip wherever she goes. She’s attempting to illustrate, I think, how foolish it is to allow people who have no handgun training or knowledge to legally carry firearms on their person at all times. I can see where she’s coming from, but of the ways I’d recommend people illustrate this point, this is not even on the list.

Personally, I’d like to see a national concealed carry standard. I’d like that standard to include range time (like a minimum of 12-20 hours and 500 rounds) and for states that use that standard to have reciprocity with one another. I don’t agree that a permit should be required for owning a firearm, though I’m iffy on the matter of open carry.

The Ms. Yeman and I have some attitudes in common, perhaps. For that matter I do not wish to disparage her character in general. I’ve never met her and I’m sure, outside of this nonsense, she’s a reasonable, responsible and mature person.

But that said, if one wishes to demonstrate their objection to mere presence of firearms in public, as she has, I fail to see how the best way to do that is to be an idiot first, failing to educate one’s self one iota for the sake of being one’s own imagined worst case scenario, and then a firearm carrier second. It is attempting to construct self-fulfilling prophecy, as if trying to be a fool has ever been a difficult bar to leap.